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Ballantine's Scotch Whisky

Soccer World Cup Campaign for Africa


Conceptual development, ambient, point-of-sale and merchandise design


34 Degrees (Agency)




Ballantine's asked us to create a promotional campaign around football to be executed in pubs and bars that drives customers to try Ballantine's whisky.

Ballantine's is a premium whiskey with the positioning of "Leave An Impression"


We decided to build our campaign around "Extra Time" and own that part of the game. After all it's the part of the game where you can make the biggest impression!

This is perfectly aligned with Ballentine's brand positioning of "STAY TRUE. LEAVE AN IMPRESSION."

Competition Entry Mechanic

With each purchase of Ballantine's customers received a coaster with a scratch card on the back where they had to answer a question related to historical moments during World Cup extra time.

Prizes included branded soccer jerseys, Ballantine's and tickets to watch a premier league game in the UK.


A limited budget allowed only for advertising on posters at pubs and taverns, coasters and branded soccer jerseys worn by the barmen and waiters.

Soccer jerseys depicted some of the answers on the scratch cards - goal scorers and the exact moment the goal was scored.

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