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Sultan Suzie

Brand identity and packaging design

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Sultan Suzie




The Story

Authentic Turkish Delights found in Istanbul is a completely different story to the ones found in South Africa. Their varieties are endless. The stores display an orchestra of flavours, colours, combinations, shapes and sizes. Our client wants to bring the experience to South Africa. So we started exploring Istanbul and Turkish visual culture. A few things stood out. 


Firstly, Istanbul is full of cats. Turkish people love them, feed them and shelter them. It is a serious religious crime to harm a cat.


Secondly, the beautifully detailed traditional square tiles found throughout Istanbul, especially in mosques.


Thirdly, the Fez. This round red hat, made from felt with a golden tassel, has its origins in the Ottoman Empire. It is a prominent part of the Turkish visual identity.


Fourthly. The traditional Turkish delights in Istanbul are displayed in long rolls of different colours and flavours. The delights are sold by weight as slices of these rolls.

The Identity

Sultan Suzie Authentic Turkish Delights, like the ones in Istanbul, are a playful orchestra of flavours, colours, combinations, shapes and sizes. The identity needed to reference Turkish culture, but in a fresh, fun and contemporary way.


The building blocks of the identity include the following.


Sultan Suzie the cat. She is wearing a Fez (she is Turkish after all) and is gracefully licking her paw after enjoying a delicious delight!


Rose and pink are the primary colours. It references the colours of the most famous Turkish delights. Rose and Pomegranate. Vibrant accent colours adds an element of fun and excitement.


Curls everywhere. These fun visual elements references the beautiful patterns of Turkish tiles and also the way in which traditional Turkish Delights are presented in rolls.


Turkish tiles. We developed a set of beautiful Turkish inspired patterns to be used as graphic elements.

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