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Lindt Lindor

Mother's Day Campaign - Blogger Pack


Conceptualize, Design & Art Direction


Lindt & Sprüngli & 34 Degrees



Lindor Blogger Pack For Mom's

As part of our LIndt Lindor Mother's Day campaign this we made this blogger pack was sent to influential bloggers who where also moms. It contained everything you need for some peace and quiet on Mother's Day including movie tickets for their family, one of their favourite books, a blanky, a quirky contract to be signed by her family. And some Lindor. Of course!


The message of the blogger pack is designed to drive home and emphasize the overall campaign promise: Escape to the perfect me-time Mother's Day moment.


Beautifully designed and made, the blogger pack resembles a keyboard escape key.



The box contained the following for the lucky blogging mom:

  • Chocolat by Joanne Harris

  • A comfy blanket

  • An introduction to our campaign

  • A playful contract with her family to guarantee her me-moment:)

  • Some Lindor with the campaign mechanic.

Framed Contract

Inside the box was a playful contract to be signed by her family in which they agree to give her her own me-moment on Mother's day to enjoy her gift.

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