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Lindt Lindor

Mother's Day Campaign 


Conceptualize, Design & Art Direction


34 Degrees (Agency)



The Brief


Leverage Mother’s Day to increase sales and market share of Lindt Lindor.


Consumer Insight

Lots of moms would LOVE some time to themselves on Mother’s Day.



The Solution

A partnership with Exclusive Books and over 30 000 books to be won provided the ultimate me-time escape for Moms. This is perfectly aligned with Lindt Lindor's brand narrative of "Having a me-moment".


As as direct result of the campaign Lindor went from No.2 behind Ferrero Rocher to No. 1. in terms of market share.

On-Pack Sticker

On-pack campaign communication at the point of purchase with the campaign entry mechanic printed on the back.

Campaign Key Visual

A mother is shown enjoying a moment to herself with book, a couch, a blanket and some Lindt Lindor.

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